the fever dream with Ghost Of You in the background?

The mother is standing with her back to the girl. Bad Guy comes in and takes the girl without the mother even noticing. Takes her to his house on the coast of the ocean. He already has a hole dug on the beach. He throws her in and rapes her and paints her finger/toenails all white. He kills her and burns her up in a fire. BTW its night time. He takes the bones and paints where the finger/toe nails would be. He throws her bones back into the hole and covers it with some weird strong lid. The tide comes in, and covers up the “grave” of the girl. The police don’t find the grave since they only go when tide is low. They do eventually start questioning the Bad Guy and he decides to dispose of the body. He gets it out of the grave and walks it out into the ocean, chest deep. He tosses the skeleton out, which he had still been manicuring, but he gets taken down by riptide and ends up drowning and is washed out. The skeleton washes back up shore and police find it. Police know Bad Guy did it from the nail polish.

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