Public Indecency (classy porn)

The tiny dressing room was perfect. The young couple walked around, observing the sales associates, timing their dressing room checks. They had about 30 minutes.

They casually walked in, each carrying an armload of clothes. There was something about the idea of being caught that ignited Trina’s fire. She slid her miniskirt up. Jaron kissed her and lightly ran his hand down between her thighs and began skillfully teasing her sensitive area.

As the intensity grew, Trina had to remind herself to be silent. She imagined other customers unknowingly passing by the dressing room door and her excitement peaked. Jaron unzipped his pants and replaced his fingers with his penis, teasing her until her desire was unbearable.

He picked her up, she wrapped her legs around his hips and bounced against him, enveloping his unit tightly within her. This part was the trickiest, it had to be quick and intense, yet completely silent. Trina and Jaron locked their lips together as the spasms came.

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