My love...

Thinking of you is meaningless. I hate you for every way that you made me love you. I hate you for every moment of my cold life that I waste wanting you. I hate you for causing me to live all alone in this void of loathing and inevitable loneliness. I can’t stand you for looking me over so carelessly and expecting me to just forget about it.

What is it that you wanted from me? Did you wish for me to stay away? Were you hoping that my love for you was not true that way you could forget that you loved me too? As though you believe I have the strength to lock your beautiful face out of my mind, you push me away and act as though you never even knew me. I know that I’m not a stranger in your eyes, yet you believe that it is easier to pretend that I am. God, I really do yearn to hate you, but I can do nothing but love you more.

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