With Autumn Comes Change.

It wasn’t cold for a September morning, with pockets of the summer heat still hitting the valley, but many of the locals had stopped avoiding going outside as they had in August. This was part of the reason Jenna had decided to walk the 3/4 mile to work instead of driving the red Intrepid with the near-dead A/C. She usually preferred to walk the distance as a kind of meditation, but the heat had been a great deterrent for the last two months. She was having a hard time meditating now, acclimating to the smells of peoples’ yards and the sounds of birds and insects. She had missed all of it, so it had her full attention when a small blue pick-up truck weaved around her on the sidewalk and turned out to the opposite side of the street before turning back to the other side and smashing directly into a concrete wall. Oh, wow. I hope they’re ok; they totaled their truck, thought Jenna. Looking around, trying to see what could have caused the accident, she realized she was the only one there.

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