Barter System

“I’m sorry, but you’re already overdrawn. With the collateral you’ve put down, it would be nearly impossible to give you anything more.”

“I’m not asking for a major miracle here.” I plead with him, knowing that it won’t do any good.

“No, just a minor one.” His eyes are two embers set in his face, glaring at me. “And even a subtle shift of probabilities is more than we can allow you now.”

I know I shouldn’t ask, but I can’t help the question that comes next. "I’ve already put down fifty years. How much will it take? "

“At the value of your collateral, an eternity.” He settles back into his seat, a tiny smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth.

“Fine, then take it. All of it.”

He waits a moment, then leans forward again, a contract appearing in his hand.

“If you’ll sign this please?” I wince as he pricks my finger, and I smear my blood across the page. He stands, and as I shake his hand, I can feel the fire beneath his skin. “Thank you sir, and congratulations on your forthcoming landslide victory.”

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