" Let me see your hands, nice and easy now guy." I growl from behind my ski goggles.

The man starts violently and whips around with his hands in the air. I can see blood all down the front of his department store monkey suit, and one of his fingers is already turning black. He looks about 30 with a scruffy beard and yellowing teeth. One of his eyes is caked with dried blood.

“Please…please..don’t” he begins to stutter but I silence him by clicking my safety off. After scanning the surrounding trees for more footprints, I turn my attention to the man. The remains of a small lynx are in my snare, but there are teeth marks all over the bones and most of the entrails and meat is missing. I look at the man in disgust, “You have about three seconds to explain yourself before I leave you to freeze, guy.” I say warily.

I get a blank stare in return and the man lowers his still shaking hands. I shift my rifle cagily and look around.

“You really don’t know what’s happened, do you?” the stranger says in disbelief.

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