With Autumn Comes Change. (2)

I’m the only one who can help! Jenna’s realization began with a moment of hesitation as she tried to recall the right order for CPR assistance. She had been taught basic life support by the Greely Fire Department paramedics about a year ago, but if you had asked her to spell her name in that instant, she probably would have gotten it wrong.

Jenna walked around the truck to the driver, now noticing there was only one person in the vehicle. “Are you OK?” Jenna asked too quietly. “Are you OK?!” She practically screamed it this time, but the man didn’t react.

There wasn’t any blood so, hoping he was unconscious, Jenna shook his shoulder and yelled at him again. He still wasn’t responding and she couldn’t tell if he was breathing. She went for his neck this time, pressing her near shaking fingers to his throat for a pulse. The man’s eyes bugged open and he lurched back, coughing blood at Jenna’s face.

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