But It Never Does

And I wander across these fleeting shores, hoping against hope that my time will come.

But it never does. My ticket remains un-punched, and burns a hole in my pocket, trying it’s damnedest to reach my heart.

But it never does. The cold void of the ocean welcomes me with open arms, chilled fingers closing in to scratch out my core.

But it never does. Burning sunshine blazes across the sky, beaming down it’s sterile rays to wash me clean away.

But it never does. Instead I pace these endless shores. Each leaden foot falling deeper than the last, as the ground attempts to pull me into a shallow grave.

But it never does. For my soul belongs to you, and it shall not rest until I find you, and break this binding curse. I used to think I loved you, but that feeling rotted away, leaving behind driftwood and a sad charade. I used to think the pain would end.

But it never does.

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