Affirmation of A Mother's Worst Fears

“Yeah, I’m fine. Why?” JoAnn tried to look innocent.
“You’re habits are changing. You haven’t eaten breakfast the past few days, then you eat constantly when you get home after school. You seem to be gaining weight. You’re either depressed or pregnant!” Her mother laughed at this, but her brow remained wrinkled between her eyes, signaling that it didn’t ease the tension at all.
JoAnn didn’t know what to say. She either lied to her mother, or she confessed everything.

“And sneaking in late at night.. well?” Her mother was prodding, hoping for a great excuse.
JoAnn’s stomach did flip-flops, reminding her of the child in there even more and distracted her from finding that great excuse. Her Mother took the silence to mean an affirmation of her worst fears, but she wanted JoAnn to tell her. “Honey, I promise not to tell your Father right now.”

“I’m being responsible about this, Mom! I was stupid, it was an accident, and I went to take care of it, but I couldn’t do it!” JoAnn started to cry.

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