30 Ideas

What’s in the old pond? / Love gutters / Best looking girl at JitB / With role models like these… / I have a ponytail, hear me Roar (shut up) / Washing away guilt with blood / To kill again / Seventh time’s the Charm / Ice chewing (for fun and profit) / Man builds a new sand castle every day /

Keeping the Roses Very Red / Growing my own / I love rice! / My Computer is Alive D: (and demanding) / Wine research and other metaphors / The Broken Assassin / Curiousity is magical / Shafted / He Fell Into the sky/ Pining for Rain (that doesn’t come) /

My sister is devious / When the skyscrapers fall / Master of the Pump aka the Rock and Roll Barista / White girls with knives / Sharks are the least of my problems / Emotional Magic vs Applied Knowledge / WTF is a Were-Moose? / The Wandering Ant / Steel Elements (Chinese elemental) / 1’s and 0’s can melt your brain

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