The Spectral Force, Triumphant!

Slowly, light enveloped his body as two other spectral shapes condensed into being nearby. They coalesced into large, geometrically armored figures, one a blazing white and the other a deep violet. Cleric stood, and around his form was a similar mantle, translucent and blazing red.
“You. Take the back, and you, enter from the left,” he commanded, gesturing to each in turn. “I’ll take the front. Go!”
They nodded and left.
He turned and was hit by a magical bolt cast by Ramses. It fizzled against his chest, and the pharaoh laughed triumphantly. Cleric brushed away the lingering green sparks.
“Bit premature, don’t you think?” he called out, unharmed.
The pharaoh ceased his merriment abruptly, his pleasure becoming furious disbelief.
“That’s not possible!” he screamed. “I was assured these magics would pierce any—”
A starbolt struck his head, and fell to he ground with an unpleasant thud as Cosmos flew past.
“What was that?!” Cleric shouted. “I had a plan!”
Cosmos laughed.
Stuff it, Father. We just won.

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