“You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m telling you the truth. Genuine personality chips for historical figures. I have all my research right here.”

“Look son, my company has been in this business since it started. It takes a year, minimum, of brain scans and coding to create a decent personality chip. We’ve seen others attempt what you say you have. The best results we’ve seen left the testers gibbering idiots, and those were the good ones!”

“Alright. I’ll lower my price to one million, and throw in all 15 years of memory records from everyone who worked on the project.”

“I’ll think about. I assume you have some working chips with you for a trial?”

“I do. Several big names from World War 2. We figured something old, but still relevant in today’s society.”

“Give me a few months to put these through some trials. IF, they pass, you may have a job with us, as well as a bigger offer on the other chips you told me about. Same offer stands for your team. Jack will show you out.”

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