Monster 02

Dr. Farnsworth sat at the computer terminal and stared at the screen. Three images of a star field cycled repeatedly. A small dot, tiny by comparison to the stars that surrounded it, flashed across the star field. Right, center, left…. Right, center, left.

It took at least three observations to calculate the orbital path. More he knew would be coming in soon. But if they verified what he now knew…

Ogden Wernstrom, his graduate student , approached Farnsworth with two cups of coffee. He set one down beside the Doctor and sat in a chair next to the desk.

“Have you run the numbers?” he asked the professor.

“It’s definitely in an earth crossing orbit. But the albedo is all wrong. For it to be that bright that far out….” he voice faded.

Ogden leaned closer, looking at the screen, “It’s got to be either very reflective or…”

“ … or very big. Huge.”

“ A monster”, agreed Ogden. “When we get the data from Chile, we’ll have a better idea how close it will come.”

“It’s here. 173 days until impact.”

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