The Delay

I cried for six months when she refused to get the abortion. It was a mistake. We met at a party, we were both drunk, things happened, I don’t want to be a dad. It was around the sixth month that I finally grew to accept my fate. Six months later again and I was the proudest father alive. I’d have given anything for my son, my life, my money, my everything. Twenty years later, he is a sophomore in college, working on his degree in physics.

Then the phone rang.

It was her, the girl from the other night. She went through with the abortion. A wave of relief rushed over me, then confusion. Where was I? I was in my dorm room from some twenty years earlier. My economics book laid open in front of me, a pencil in my hand, pages of notes on the desk.

I cried for six months when she got the abortion. I’ll never know what happened, but one thing is for sure. I’d give my money, my life, my everything to have my son back.

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