What Are You Really Seeking?

Lust keeps my pants down and my walls built high,
leaving me focused on how and not why
I should do or pursue my impulses and whims.
Reasons aren’t given. I won’t even try
to examine my wants with such rational views.
On the altar of lust, I don’t care what I lose.
I just want it, to hunt it, so for a short while
a corruption of peace can be mine, if I choose.
But I can’t, because bound by compulsion again,
I continue to feed on my appetites, when
I realize that real lives cannot this path sustain.
I awake, and perceive what I should have known then.
Love takes me patiently, kindly, with care,
clothing me when in disgrace I was bare.
Breaking down, all around, walls that were built
for the purpose of hiding my shame and despair.
Now the truth shines, and illumines my mind .
Lust always gets, but contentment won’t find.
Love always gives away, and will send peace
beyond all understanding that has no like kind.

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