Ancient Destiny

A new form, but still the same strong, sensitive, brilliant man inside. If he weren’t still sensitive, we’d not have taken shelter in this ruined temple. The human army was not strong enough to defeat the next monster, and neither was he. Even in his blessed god form, with the black Anubis head, he was still no match for it. We needed time to rest and think.

The humans began to lie down, weary from a day of running, adrenaline reserves nearly depleted. The god-man kept a lookout, but also watched me, as a column in the temple drew me near.

A carving jutted from the stone, missing something: beads. I just knew it was meant to hold the beaded necklace. Carefully weaving it into the spaces, I felt each one go into place like solving the puzzle of my destiny. Then the room shook and I took on a new form.

Anubis rose and I ran to him, triumphant. Together as gods, we could defeat the monster. The humans stared in awe. But all I could think about was his arm around me.

My form shifted, I was a secret weapon.

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