Cheerleading captain, yearbook staff, softball. She sang, danced, played guitar. Her make up was always perfect and not a hair was out of place. She was tall and thin, with blonde hair and blue eyes. You know the type. She was everywhere.
And it still amazes me how no one saw through it. Every guy wanted to date her. Every girl wanted to be her. She was, in short, divine. A goddess that had everything going for her and she knew exactly that.
“I heard they found her in the bathroom.”
“No, the locker room.”
“She was passed out.”
“Urge to purge?”
“Yes, I think that was it…”
The voices of the students blended together in the crescendo of rumors; feeding off the drama like leeches. But I wasn’t sure that I believed it altogether.
Sure enough, she wasn’t at school the next day. Or the day after that. Or the rest of the year. No one talked about her again. She didn’t go out with a bang, but rather faded from everyone’s memory. They might have forgotten, but I have not. I guess even gods have their breaking point.

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