You know where my muse is?
It’s between you and me.
Every time I have a strong emotion, I write about it.
You invoke feelings as a wizard speaks a spell.

You are my Anubis, strong, silent, mine and not mine.
Sometimes I am a goddess, together we sing and shine and flourish.
Sometimes I am human, desiring your company, weak, and woeful.

I need you, the relationship, the good and bad.
This floating in nothing, this emotionless void,
Time filled with work, small talk, and dead eyes,
Is not enough.

Waiting and wanting is painfully boring, like time has stopped but the world has not.
The things that still move around me are uninteresting, ants going about their work.
My focus is on the place where I last saw you, watching for your return.

To feel, anything, is the adventure I seek.
You are my Peter Pan, I am Wendy at the window staring at the second star.
Believing in fairies is not enough to make one appear.
I would clap, but without you the magic is gone.

Between you and I, that’s where my muse lives.

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