I'll Take a Guilt-Trip with That, too.

“Look, I’m sorry. Ok – for whatever it is you think I did!” said Rory.
“What do you mean, What you think you did?” from Sandy, walking away.
“Where are you going?”
“Can’t I go to the kitchen. isn’t this OUR house?”
“Of course it is.. don’t change the subject.” Rory rubbed his face in frustration, “Look if you think i did anything last night; i didn’t, ok? Was just Gooche, Trev and I at the Lot, having a few beers,”
“I don’t care about that!”
“What do you care about exactly?”
Silence. A breath. More silence.
Sandy wiped away a tear, “Ok maybe it bothered me a little. I always feel second to your friends!”
“So what you’re saying is, I should NOT be with my friends. Friends I’ve know since grade school. All the sudden they’re not supposed to matter anymore? Is that it?”
Sandy huffed, “Well I’m important too,”
“C’mere,” Rory said walking to the front hallway. He pointed, “See that?”
“What is it?”
Sandy waved, “The front fucking door!”
“Feel free to use it! I’m not changing. It’s time you learn that,”

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