She stood there, hands outstretched, feeling the cool rain drive down on her head and hands.

Suddenly, it was just too much. Her friends deserting her, her job, the fight, her hair…it was just too much.

She slid down the wall of the diner, crumpling into a puddle of cotton and polyester. Her hands found their way to her face, and she was sobbing.

It lasted for hours-or could it have been minutes? Seconds? It felt like a lifetime. Strangers walked past, but no longer worried by their judgements, she let everything out. The rain matted her hair and her tears marred her cheeks. Eventually the rain slowed, then stopped.

She stood and rearranged her clothes. Took a look in her wallet-she had enough money for a train ticket.

Her outstretched hand caught the last raindrop and held it.
Then she turned, let it fall, and walked away.

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