Rejected Help

It’s a hideously cold and rainy day
I pull my jacket tighter to keep the chill at bay
I am hurrying along the pier
When I hear a shriek of fear

My head whips around
And I see you in the sea
You’re being sucked down
My run turns into a bound

I scan the water with eyes like radar
As I reach the ocean’s breaking wave
I scream and holler at you to keep afloat
But you yell back angrily, “No need for you to save!”

I think you are nuts as you’re pulled under again
Your maniacal notions are quite insane
So I jump in a boat, riding your way
But you say, “Your efforts are in vain!”

I ignore your screams to stay away
And I pull at your shirt as you sink more
You yank away, your shirt has tore
And you plunge into the sea’s snapping jaws!

I am befuddled and depressed and mystified and bewildered
As I scream for you and stare for a sign of you in the violent black waters
I wonder why you got out here in these dangerous waves, for starters
And then I head back with my eyes downcast wondering why you did not want help

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