Pirates' Maid

He was getting ready to strike again when the drunken pirate captain laughed again and said, “That’s enough, Teeth."

The hairy pirate named Teeth grunted and walked back to his seat. The sight he revealed made all the intoxicated pirates laugh until tears rolled down their scarred cheeks.

They were laughing at a twelve year old girl who was tied to a rickety chair with small gashes on her cheeks, bruises on her arms and legs, and with rips in her clothes thanks to Teeth’s recent handiwork. Her hair was matted with dried blood from previous beatings although her hair was a raven black that looked purple in some lights when clean. Her flashing lime eyes were closed into slits with raw fury. She spat blood from her mouth onto the already soiled floor and glared at the twisted pirates in disgust.

“Drunken imbeciles.” She muttered as she twisted the tight ropes around her wrists. She waited to be cut loose and imagined escaping although she knew they were in the middle of sea with nowhere to go.
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