What kind of world do we live in
Where diplomacy comes before justice
And the murder of children is
classified as a statistic before a crime?

And I don’t care if you’re a government.
A soldier or a politician. A criminal,
A father, a brother an uncle or just
a madman with a gun …

The killing of kids cannot be justified.

Not by rebellion. Not by discrimination.
Not by politics. Not by any feeble excuse
Known to the remains of decent humanity!

Tanks and guns and shells. Russian small arms -
As though you were never children yourselves.
As though you never laughed and played and
Danced in the evening, bathing in sunlight

And all the other things that 32
Can no longer do because they’re dead.
Because you killed them.
Because the world cares more about flags and documents

Than the lives of their little ones.

Tiny bodies – just babies blurred with blood
And coloured blankets. Faces that were afraid
Before the life left them.

I’m no pacifist.
But 32 children dead
Is just 32 too many.

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