Runner Among Clouds

She was running with all her might. Her feet pounding on the Bridge of Clouds. Sweat was running down her back & her breathing was ragged as can be. She knew the consequences if she got caught this time.

The Bots were closing in faster than usual since her baby she was holding so fiercely was slowing her down.

‘My baby will be safe. My baby will be safe.’ The young woman chanted in her head as she willed herself to make it past the Bridge of Clouds and into the Shelter Cities where humans lived and the racist Bots could not impose any authority.

This was the third time she had gone into the Freedom State to get supplies for the Human Alliance who trained her as a Runner and let her baby live. She had gotten caught and been beaten every time before. This time had to be different. If the medicines did not get to the rest of the humans in time, humans would go extinct or have to give themselves up to serve as slaves in the Freedom State and across the rest of the universe.

This time would be different.

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