My Name in the Hat

Welcome lovely Ficlers,
It’s time to have some fun,
I’ve taken up the challenge,
That will consume this month.

So, each and every day,
I shall attempt to write,
A short yet awesome story,
That shines with brilliant light.

In this most daunting quest,
I fear I’ll lag behind,
But I’ll ammend for this shortcoming;
An addendum comes to mind:

For each day you go wanting,
Each tale missed from the race,
Then like the mythic hydra’s heads,
Two more shall take its place.

Alas, that’s vague and wispy,
Allow me to explain,
If one day I am absent,
There’ll be a lot to gain.

The next day I am writing,
There’s a story for that day,
One more for each day of neglect,
And interest for delays.

So if one day’s story passes,
The next day you’ll find three,
If two are missing back-to-back,
There’s five more tasks for me.

And so on this I finish,
You guys are just the best,
So with just one story at my feet,
I’ll bring you all the rest.

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