You Can't Pray on a Lie [NaFicWriMo June 01, 2012]

Larry was a polygamist. He didn’t have 2 wives because of some religous bent; he was sure there wasn’t a God. He did believe in souls however, because he had found two(!) soulmates; each one lived blocks from the other. He felt like a lucky man.

But for all his lack of belief in God, prayer was a major part of his armamentarium of tricks and devices which included “out of town work” and various excuses to miss the kids recitals and softball games over the years. Being an advertising exec at a major firm made it easy to explain away the time he was spending with his second family, and provided enough income to support two households and put his two oldest children through college.

But one thing Larry recently learned: Prayer only works for the honest. So how did Larry learn this? Well, it involved a brother and sister meeting for the first time at college and falling in love, then ending up 3 months pregnant. Not as romatic as Romeo and Juliet, but two young lovers took their own lives none the less.

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