Welcome to my World, edition 1


Tokyo is not how you remember it. At the time of the great terraforming, the country of Japan ceased to exist, but the city of Tokyo held sway in the heart of one of the council members, and so was preseved. Ish.

Now, if you wish to visit the capital of Kiamdo, you’ll have to grab a pegacab. That is, unless you have a vehicle capable of reaching skylands of your own. But most people can’t afford flying carpets, so pegacabs have become the main way of reaching Tokyo.

As you approach the great floating landmass, you’ll be drawn in by the elaborate spires of the Coalition Building, which hold dominion over the skyline, with elaborate redstone walls and golden summits. Flying low over the city, you’ll hear the buzz of the bazaar as beautiful buyers and braindead bargainers scramble over the latest miracle zit cream on sale. If you wish to leave in style, head over the falls of Chiante, and enjoy the five mile drop into the cohesively inept water of lake Adibada as it swallows you like a silk blanket.

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