Stomach Flu

I pulled the blanket tightly around my feet, curled up under me in the recliner. My head pounded, my stomach turned somersaults, and everything ached. I wanted to close my eyes, but the pains would not let me sleep. In another hour I’d have to visit the bathroom again, anyway.

This was not how I wanted to spend my vacation, but I’d rather not feel like this at work. I certainly couldn’t drive home like this. It hit me suddenly at 2PM and didn’t let me sleep all night. Why me?

Times like this put things into perspective. I had a list of things I would rather do than suffer in this chair. It hurts to write them down. I hope this illness passes as quickly as it came.

I think the meds are working now, I’ll sleep and then feel better. Give my love to all, and don’t forget about me! My headache has dulled, my body is almost comfortable. This blanket smells like home. Zzzzz.

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