The Countdown the the Derby Begins

Sophia Newman. 17. Daughter of the rich horse manager Richard Newman. Single.

That is all people saw when they saw the young lady in public. This was her life, a life she hated. Everyone believe that, being the daughter of a man that has taken many horses to the derby, Sophia would love horses and everything about them. No, the truth was the exact opposite.

Sophia hated the life that she was born into. She hated this life ever since she was a little girl. Now 17, Sophia is the definition of the ‘unruly teen’. Now completely detached from her parents, she now only uses the fame and money of her father to get around.

“Honey, your father was wondering if you would like to go with us to-”
“Why do you even ask these questions mother, you know the answer!” Sophia snapped, more moody than usual.

Current date: Two months before the Breeder’s Cup.

Walking down the hallway, Sophia locked herself inside her room, ignoring the frantic knocks on the door by her mother.

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