“It’ll be a big one” the mechanic said as he pointed at the clouds.
“Of course it will” sighed John. The clouds on the horizon were blacker than he’d ever seen. He looked over at his rental car. It had broken down something like ten kilometers back. Phoning the rental service had summoned the tow-truck that brought him to this garage.
“No way we’ll have it fixed before the storm breaks” the mechanic said. “I’ve called the rental people. They’ll send a new car down for you.”
“Thanks.” John replied. The clouds were moving faster and were starting to cover the sun.
“You may as well come into the garage” the man said. “There’s no sense in getting wet out here.” He walked away and John followed.
The rain started almost as soon as they got inside. John turned to look out the window. “How long do you think it’ll last for?”
“You’ll be gone before the storm’s out, I’m sure.” The mechanic’s voice was different somehow. Thicker, wet. Like he was salivating. John turned around. The last thing he saw was teeth.

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