The wonderful animal family of the House of Goonzalez:

There’s the magpie uncles, Left, Right, Up, Down, & Turn who never get much farther than the nest.

The monkey twins, Dee and Dum who are constantly making faces at their younger, more refined sisters. They seem to constantly be copying each other and yet trying to outrank each others’ pranks.

The three and a half peacock sisters, Hilary, Genevieve, Elizabeth, and tiny tag-along Chloe. Most of the times are found in the open areas of the valley, showing off their vibrant colors and styles to the elite society.

The five other cookoo cousins who never seem to do anything but try to learn to fly all day long & never seem any closer to achieving their goal of joining the adults.

The lion patriarchs, Dad and Friend, are in charge of keeping the whole zoo that is the
House of Goonzalez from plummeting into semi-orderly chaos. They may seem lazy but they work behind the scenes, keeping the whole place from falling in shambles.

And thus is a happy family.

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