Marked by Death part 2: The Beast

Eric stood in the doorway to the bedroom,shifitng nervously. The whole place stank of sweat and sex. No matter how he looked at it, it just didn’t seem smart to wake up an assassin. Finally, he cleared his throat. Twice.

The bed seemed to come alive, almost writhing as two naked girls disentangled themselves from the sheets. They lurched by Eric without saying anything. He wasn’t an expert but he doubted that either of those girls were old enough to vote.

After stretching, the last person on the bed sat up revealing a muscular torso covered in tattoos and scars. Unconcerned with the stranger in his doorway, he lit a cigarette. “You like the girls? They were very good.”

Eric didn’t know what to say. The whole thing was surreal. “I thought you were asian?” he said, stupidly.

“Many people think that. With a name like the Green Dragon, guy must be a chink. Useful, though.”

""We, ah, have a job for you."

The Green Dragon nodded. “Good. Grab the tequila and pour us each a drink for tomorrow we may die.”

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