A Tribute To Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop

We all felt it. Every single last one of us. The shock, the disbelief, the horror of it all. Whether it was sympathy for someone you knew, or the sadness you felt for the man himself.

Me? Personally, it hit me like a sack of bricks.

I’m not old enough really to feel the full pain of this loss, but still its utterly horrifying. Ask anyone, I sing at least one of his songs per day. Rest assured, I will continue to do so.

I stared at the television, trying to take it all in. Rushed to Facebook, to find out if anyone had heard anything different. They hadn’t.

Michael Jackson was dead.

My favorite singer, the King of Pop, my musical Hero and my inspiration was dead.

We’ll miss you Michael, and I for one won’t forget you. May Thriller always be the best selling album in the history of ever.

-Lone Writer
June, 25 2009

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