Secret Organization

“Databank X73 is full.” A man’s voice boomed over the intercom of the giant, underground factory-like building.

A woman in a midnight blue suit stood on a catwalk as she oversaw the work of a thousand of her employees. Her eyes scanned the Secret Fears department as the dozens of people there searched for patterns in the secrets that were flooding into their computers.

Her least favorite department, Celebrity Secrets, was bustling with a future scandal that was currently just a secret among two singers. It would be sold to the highest bidding gossip magazine.

The largest department, Government Secrets, was eerily the quietest group in that whole cavernous room. The employees’ eyes were glued to their screen as they mumbled into their earpieces to whichever official might be needing a dirty secret or two of their political opponents… and allies.

There was never a single secret they missed, and the woman glowed with pride as she covertly helped serve the world in the dangerous game of secrets.

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