At the Prix

I craned my neck as far as I physically could. I looked hard into the distance through the puddle of mirage to see far down to the corner. As soon as I tuned out the noise of the crowd I could hear a throaty roar approaching. Eventually even the crowd could hear it and stopped its chatter.

I strained my eyes until I could clearly see a green car scream around the corner and down the straightaway. I fixed my eyes and followed it, whipping my head to the right as it, quite literally, raced by followed by an assortment of candy colored cars.

zew z-z-z-z-zeewww zzzewww

As soon as the last car passed the crowd continued its chatter and I turned my head back left to wait for the cars to come around the corner again. Every previous lap took about three minutes to complete, but this lap would take hours.

I sighed to myself then went to get nachos while the crews attempted to fix the broken track.

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