An Ad for Adventure

Travel alone, or with friends?

Either way will be an adventure.

You’ve already figured the how. You’re going to get on the bus going anywhere and follow to where ever it takes you. The only plan you’ll need is to be back home by the time your pass ends.

The luggage was an easy one too. All you’ll need is a backpack stocked with a couple sets of clothes, and your phone and charger. You’ll bring plenty of money so you can take a break from sleeping at the station to take a shower every now and then. (Thirty days is a little long to not bathe.)

The who will be you, but whether you want more than that backpack tagging along depends all on the why.

You can travel the country for fun or for discovery, for freedom or for sightseeing, for stories or for memories. There are a million and one reasons to travel. It doesn’t matter if you go it alone or bring a couple friends, play tourist or take the back roads no matter what your style one thing is guaranteed…

An adventure is waiting, and it’s waiting for you.

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