New to this.

Thinking to myself, I’ve only notice this new and exciting feeling for only a while. How could I manage this, I had no one. I was the only one from before in this hell hole, so how could I? For years I’ve remember always having someone to latch on to. Following them, experiencing the things they would without meaning. I wasn’t my own being, how could I? But here I was by myself, sitting looking out the window thinking of ways to get through this. Everything was new, I was new.I turned and my eyes went wide. A human being, a person, and possibly a friendwas walking towards me.“Hello.” A warm smile was given and I reacted like anyone would have.“Hi there.” I smiled back.“My name’s Hannah.” And that’s what started a series of answers I can’t remember clearly. I only remember that my words became clearer, with more meaning. Was I getting use to this? Or was I adapting? Really I wouldn’t know for I had only begun what was call High school.

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