Wake Up (Classy Porn Challenge)

She looked so innocently delicate, her pearl white body vibrant amongst the stone black leather of the limousine. Her legs spread like articulate angel wings, wind gliding beneath them, filling her silently, making her coo. Making her wake.

“Please, don’t get up.” said a silky but rather forceful voice.

She took in many things at once. The cold leather against her skin. The gentle air, from the crack of the limousine window, teasing her legs. A man standing in between them.

He was broad shouldered and thin waisted and his tux fit snug against his body. His eyes were greener than emeralds and they were staring directly into her. He lowered himself to his knees. Smiling he looked into her gray eyes and said,

“You’re a beautiful woman. Do you know what the most beautiful part of you is?”

“No.” Said a lilted voice.

He brushes his lips up her thigh, her fear growing unexpectedly into want. His lips fall into her legs and part, letting his tuonge dip into the well of her wet intensifying need.


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