Runner Among Plagues

The Bots skidded to a stop at the end of the Bridge of Clouds, disgust written all over their metallic faces as they looked on at the gray and black mess spread across the valley that was the last standing human colony.

The woman stopped running as she saw the Bots turn and head back over to their homes. She grinned and sauntered off although she was gasping for air and her baby was squealing in protest of having been manhandled during the chase.

She looked around & the smile was quickly wiped off her pale face. Things had gotten much worse. The brick streets were littered with feces, trash, and a few bodies. Almost every decrepit building had the hideous red spider painted on it that signified quarantine. She could hear the moans of the infected and she shuddered as she hurried to her superiors. The air was full of the smell of death and sweat as the fevers mercilessly stole the lives of the innocent. She hugged her baby closer.

She prayed that the vaccines she had gotten would be enough to let her live.

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