The Order's Beauty

She stared at herself in the room of mirrors in silent shock, studying the person that stared back at her. The person who was in the mirror was a fearsome sight, somehow being beautiful at the same time as being terrifying. Someone perfect for the job she would have from now on.

She was six feet tall, exactly. Her skin was white as fresh snow. Her nose was smaller, her eyes looked like something from a Japanese cartoon, absolutely enormous but pretty. Her eyes were an unearthly color of a blazing fire. Her lips were full but were the color of pure coal. Her hands were large enough to palm a basketball with no struggle, her fingers long and slender. Her nails were a permanent scarlet color, a perfect genetic manicure. She opened her mouth and had to stifle a shriek from the rows of pure white, razor sharp teeth. She tried to smile and decided that she looked like a ferocious shark that was grinning. Her muscles were very noticeable under her skintight hospital outfit.

She hadn’t expected this from the Order.

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