Dreaming of You

11:08 PM, Philosophy Department lounge. As seems to happen more often than not, someone has mentioned religion and everyone has picked a side.

The fridge quietly humming in the corner contains a case of beer, of which more than half is now gone. This hasn’t helped matters. The graduate student who only looks up from his phone to interject comments about marijuana is also not beneficial.

The current topic: the “Mind of God”, in the context of a simulated universe. Some of the people here are opposed to the idea of their own minds existing inside some larger consciousness.

“I just can’t accept that!” one professor says, trying not to raise his voice too much. “It’s akin to saying that a person who exists only in my mind could be self-aware. Ludicrous!”

“But if you instead imagine, say, an ant, you’re probably using more neurons than the ant even has—”

“An ant is not conscious; you can’t compare it!”

“Excuse me, but I’m the author of this story,” I say. “You’re not conscious either, so shut it.”

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