Yulie the Slick's Bounty

Yulie the Slick was a wanted man in the Town of Razorock.

Six rangers were on his tail. Yulie had climbed a cliff no horse could ride up. The rangers would have to come on foot. And that there, that was Yulie’s trick, see. That’s when he’d slip past them.

Yulie spread out flat across a heavily textured boulder. He looked down at his pursuers. He thought it strange that they hadn’t dismounted to climb after him, but he was in no hurry. He chuckled.

Yulie’s amusement became a shriek as he felt dozens of bites across his body. He sprung off the boulder. It was covered with his blood. Dozens of small mouths with sharp teeth hissed at him!

Yulie backed away in horror. The stones beneath him shifted abruptly, and Yulie the Slick fell prone. The boulder rushed over him. Bones snapped, skin was torn, and blood spilled on the tiny lapping mouths of the stones under him.

“I think Slick thar’s discovered why our dig’s called Razorock,” one ranger muttered to another.

“Worst part: he’s up in th’ momma’s nest.”

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