Dreams Are Necessary

“What are you doing to me now?”

“Observing and calculating your dreams.”

That made her feel violated on a whole new level. They had already examined her anatomy, her brain, her artwork, her secrets, her regrets, things that made her work, things that broke her, elated her, tortured her, and shamed her. Every move, breath, and thought had been studied and dissected for the last three years of her life. Or was it three weeks? She couldn’t tell since she never saw the passing of time.

Now she was dreaming most of the time so she could barely tell sleep from reality.

“Why?” She asked after yawning (They kept her sleepy) as sensors were stabbed into her mind.

“Dreams are necessary to life. We need to be able to control every aspect of your life and help you thrive while under our guidance and protection since you will be entering a new line of work with the help of suppressing drugs to keep that pesky free will out of the way. Dreams will help control. The humans will be the happiest slaves in this galaxy.”

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