A Serious Problem

“You have a serious problem, Margie.”
“No, I don’t.” Margie’s eyes stayed on the road as she made a lane change on the highway.
“Yes, you do, and I’m going to show you.” Cecile grabbed for her CD case, stuffed with more music than you could listen to if you drove for a month.
“What are you doing?”
“Elvis?!” Cecile slid a cd from a slot.
“It’s a classic! Put that down!” Instead, Cecile threw it out the window. Margie screamed.
“It’s replaceable. Oh! Ace of Base!” Cecile watched it shatter in the side mirror.
“Cecile! Stop!”
“You love these more than anyone! Admit it!”
“No! I love you, Cecile.”
“NO! I MEAN IT!” She slammed on the brake and pulled over.
“Admit it!” Cecile held the case of cds out the window. Margie unbuckled her belt to lunge at her. Cecile dropped it, shoving Margie back. “Look at you! You never fought this hard for me!” Tears sprang into her eyes, her voice cracked. Margie weakened.
The two sobbed, arms embracing rather than fighting.
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”

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