Sovereign of the Bone Fields

The land was barren. The soil had been saturated by the death of hundreds of thousands in the early years following the Great Cataclysm. The land came to be called: The Bone Fields.

The majority of human death came from towns devastated by a battle so otherworldly that it defied reality as it was understood at the time.

The Hellfire Wars. Hordes of fiends were killed by reawakened dragons who rose to protect the land. The blood of fiends and dragons flooded the land. The Bone Fields were so tainted that the bones of the fallen would reanimate to continue a battle that ended in a stalemate a century ago.

Recently, something stranger took shape. The skeletons of fiends and dragons joined together. They either formed a giant abomination that wandered the ancient battlegrounds like a guardian, or came apart and marched along the region’s borders.

Necromancers made pilgrimages to The Bone Fields with skeletal minions, to be left behind, as an offering, to what they’ve dubbed, “The Bone Tyrant”.

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