It was too late. However fast he ran, he couldn’t escape her. He heard her footsteps behind him, coming closer every second, swift but methodical. She grabbed his arm with a grip hard as steel and he felt his legs collapse under him as he hit the pavement.

He’d only caught glimpses of her before but now he could see her clearly. She was a statuesque blonde woman dressed in an elegant black suit. She wore a polished black gas mask, which reflected the city around her. The moonlight cast long shadows of the dumpsters and scattered trash in the alley, but she herself had no shadow.

“What do you want?” he spat.

“You’re one of her friends, aren’t you?” Her voice was flat, distorted, emotionless.

“You mean Jenny Everywhere? Yeah, and I’m proud of it.” He sighed inwardly. It was always about her, wasn’t it?

“I’ll let you live, for now. Tell her I’m back. Tell her it’s her turn now.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“I have no name. I lost it a long time ago. But some call me Jenny Nowhere.”

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