From the Library of Failure, A Jenny Nowhere Prologue 1

Jenny clung tightly to the rope. Below her, clouds spun around the violet mouth of the Scar. Searing winds roared around her and she raised her voice to compensate.

“Why are you doing this?” She cried to the figure on the cat walk above.

In a single motion, the figure unclasped the breathing mask from the jacket’s hood, letting it dangle freely. Slowly, it pushed the hood back, revealing a thin pale face and platinum hair tied into dozens of tiny interlocking braids. Jenny gave a start. The girl was no older than herself but something about the girl’s eyes gave Jenny feelings of uncertainty and a horrible sense of wrongness. And the girl never answered.

Desperate, she tried doggedly to climb back up the rope but she was too exhausted. Her arms cramped and she fell. Staring straight up she could see the pale girl’s mouth quirk into a smile and shape the words. “I win.”

As Jenny fell, she was filled with the unfairness of it all. Things were not supposed to end this way. Something had gone terribly wrong.

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