From the Library of Failure, a Jenny Nowhere Prologue 2

Gwen watched the stupid girl fall into the void with mixed feelings. It had been easy to let her die, easier than she ever imagined. Self-disgust rose with bile in her throat. She gulped it down. There had been nothing fair about this, no grand fight over jeweled cities, no monsters unleashed. Gwen had simply appeared behind her at the right time and pushed her off the cat walk. Were all of her assignments going to be like this one?

Agent Zero, report. N’s sexless voice crackled to life in Gwen’s head.

Hastily, she formed an oblivion ring in her mind’s eye and dumped her thoughts into it before accessing the mental connection to her boss.

Job complete, the stupid bitch never saw me coming. Gwen replied.

Good. N purred. How long until you return?

I’m aligning the matrices now. Gwen said, fingers twisting the dials on her tri-faced arm band.

Long white lines shot out from Gwen’s forearm revealing a black doorway. Stepping confidently into the void, she let the door close behind her and was gone.

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