POEM OF MY YOUTH before I had a reason to hope

This life is short and it is sour,
Every minute,every hour.
To suck, drain us, bleed us dry,
To shatter dreams and make us cry.
To make us scream and shout with rage,
Imprisoned words on a turned back page.
We feel so hurt,who can we tell?
From deep within our padded cell.
Keep walking forward,falling back,
Looking for the things we lack.
But who can find elusive dreams?
Who hears truth through deafening screams?
Who finds love in a barren place?
Who has faith in the human race?
Our holes are dug when weare born,
Our resiliance is ripped and torn.
Our memories are left in tatters,
We start to realise, nothing matters.
Until we are an empty shell,
Living on an earthly hell.

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