Court Room Dialogue

“You said on August the 5th, you were out by the park drinking a half empty bottle of rum.”
“Which you received from a party, where you last saw the women am I correct?”

“Well yes that is what I have told the detectives that night.”

“But you suddenly changed your story to that you have seen the women, but only a few days after she was murdered.”

“I know it sounds crazy and all, but she was driving past the local strip malls.”
“I know what I saw, and I know it sounds crazy but someone that looked like her was driving her car.”

“So you’re taking oath on stand that you saw what appeared to be a look a like of Sara.”


“Your honor I have nothing more to ask the witness.”

“Please take your seat in the back Charles any more statement needed will be asked by the detectives on the case.” The judge spoke to the man on the witness stand.

“Honor we find no case to lead us to believe that Sara is alive, we strongly believe the person who was found badly burned to be Sara.”

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